Truckload companies' maintenance workflow could mean the difference between profit and loss


Improving efficiency within maintenance offers the biggest potential for improved profitability of any category within a trucking company. That’s why one of this summer’s TCA Profitability Program (TPP) seminars is all about maintenance workflow.

“Being organized and scientific about your maintenance pays huge dividends,” TPP Program Manager Chris Henry said. “Without a doubt, it can mean the difference between a loss and profit in any given month.”

Participants will spend time reviewing typical maintenance processes, sharing best practices and exploring ways to improve their own workflows. The seminar is scheduled for June 27 in Chicago, Illinois.

Topics of discussion will also include properly managing maintenance data, creating better workflows for service personnel, keeping inventory levels at a minimum and reducing downtime through preparation and planning.

Maintenance costs are highly variable from company to company, according to Henry. This is because maintenance efficiency is so heavily dependent on who a company hires to get the job done.

“The first trait you should look for in a maintenance director is organization,” Henry said. “The ones with cleanest shops and the best inventory management processes are the ones that are going to have the lowest maintenance expense.”

Henry also emphasized the importance of keeping maintenance up to date and keeping fleets in the best shape possible.

“The longer you wait to address maintenance, the more the potential liability grows,” he said. “If someone is looking at buying a trucking company, probably the first thing they’ll look at is average tractor age. It is better to be on top of your maintenance and have newer equipment.

The maintenance workflow seminar, like all TPP seminars, is open to the public. Attendees do not need to be TPP participants or TCA members to attend. The seminar will give non-members a glimpse into how TPP Best Practice Groups operate, and there will be a strong emphasis on active discussion.

While non-members are welcome to attend, Henry said there is also plenty to gain for active TPP participants. The seminar will give TPP Best Practice Group members the chance to interact with people and companies outside of their usual group, engaging in active discussion and sharing best practices.

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